There’s not much better than being lost in a new city. I love the idea of choosing the road you wander down on a whim, taking the scenic route and ending up somewhere only the locals know to go.

Playing tourist in your own city makes getting lost a little tricky (especially living in the very sensibly designed Adelaide), but there are always nooks and crannies yet to be explored. Here are my favourite moments from the last few months ‘playing tourist’.

Blinc at the Adelaide Festival

Elder Park  and the riverbank looked incredibly cool last month. Quirky animations lit up Parliament House and the Festival Centre buildings, an elephant stomped along near the riverbank and the rotunda became a maze of hanging lights. Any footbridge haters should have seen the place all lit up.

The whole stretch from Festival Centre Plaza through to Elder Park looked alive and it’s set to get even better with a $90m upgrade announced recently. Exciting!


Pure bliss. Also pure hippy, but it was wonderful. Amazing musicians and such a variety of sounds. Not only did I get to enjoy chilling out in the park, soaking in the tunes, yummy cuisine, #PlanetTalks, and arts and crafts from across the globe, I got to do it all with my lovely mum.


If I had a dollar for every time someone said “I’m supposed to be saving, but, you know, Fringe”, I’d probably still be broke, because, you know, Fringe, but it’s worth every dollar and late night I spent soaking up the fun.

My favourite? Virada. A crazy fun mix of tap dance, percussion and unusual instruments. All the performers looked like they were having a blast and the energy was infectious. I had a grin on my face the whole time. Check my friend Paige’s review here.

Even when I wasn’t show-going, hanging out in the Garden of Unearthly Delights was full of good times. I’d love to see the Garden open over summer outside of Fringe time. It’s got such great vibes, two months just isn’t enough!

Sister dates: Picnic on the Torrens + Burlesque dancing!

I’ve had so much sister time in the last month, but the highlights have definitely been booty-shaking at a burlesque lesson & picnic-ing on the banks of the Torrens.

Peaches ‘n’ Gin Burlesque ran an awesome ‘Burlesque for Beginners’ workshop as part of Fringe. Even as someone who’s danced for a while, the class was still challenging… trying to shimmy takes a fair bit of coordination! Everything jiggled, but apparently the more wobble the better. It was sweaty, sexy and oh so much fun.

Sister dates Picnic on the Torrens Sister dates

A Friday night at the ballpark

After living around the corner for two years and with someone who works for the Bite, I finally made it to Norwood Oval to see the last baseball game for the summer season. The championship – Adelaide Bite v Perth Heat.

I’ll admit I smiled and nodded through my housemate’s baseball jargon all season (sorry, Eric), so it was lucky my mum and sister were on hand to translate ‘top of the third’ and explain the difference between ‘strikes’ and ‘balls’. To be honest, I was just having fun trying to identify the state politicians milling about in the VIP section (#PoliticsNerd).

Burger + Mushroom + Tex/Mex fries = Deliciousness

Adelaide’s been spoilt with yummy gourmet burger joints lately and Chuck Wagon 175 on O’Connell St in North Adelaide is no exception. They’ve got a really quirky set up, with a life-size Captain America to greet you at the doorway and a discount offered if you order in a Scooby Doo voice. Plus the food’s great.

It’s always nice to see a meat-free option that’s not your boring veggie patty, so the Portobello burger with its roasted red pepper and onion jam was the perfect offering. Delish. Best enjoyed as I did – with good friends & lots of giggles outside in the sunshine.

All in all you’re pretty great, Adelaide.

Photo credit to @thisisradelaide and @891adelaide