Warning: This is more than ten minutes of your life that you’ll never get back. Today I played with my voice recorder.  My 2017 goal is to add interviews or something podcast-ish to the blog, so I thought I’d practice.

It went… well, it went. I waffle a lot. At 7:27 I make the bold statement that I haven’t done too much waffling yet. Spoiler alert – I had.

 What did I learn?

  • I should not have my fan on in the background.
  • I talk a lot slower than I think I talk. Will try speeding it up next time.
  • Unuseful is not a word.
  • Maybe I should try the recording naked trick.
  • I also learnt/learned that I don’t know which word I should use in this sentence which is why I framed the heading as a question.


It can only get better from here. For the sake of your ears, I really hope so.