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Ep 3 – Body image

All the Questions podcast – Episode Three

What do we think about our bodies? Why do so many women view their bodies negatively? How often do we think about our bodies? What types of things do we think? Do we obsess over bodies too much? Who or what influences our thoughts on body image? Family? Media?

Is body positivity a good thing? Should loving our bodies be the aim? What would we say to our twelve-year-old selves? What are we saying to ourselves now? Do we pay more attention to compliments about our body or our personality?

Alana sat down with Tiff and Paige to watch the Embrace documentary and chat body image and being a woman.



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Ep 2 – Gender equality



All the Questions…

Where do you start with such a big topic? What is the state of the gender equality movement at the moment? What’s positive? What’s problematic? How was International Women’s Day? What’s changed? Why have those things changed? Is sexism more subtle now? What’s unconscious bias? And what do Amber, Amy, Moira and Melody think about all this?

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Warning: This blog contains the f word.

Today on International Women’s Day, I was thinking about the many influential, courageous, wonderful women in my life. The women that inspire me, encourage me and show me what living your values means. I thought about the women I didn’t know, whose actions paved the way for the freedoms and privileges that I enjoy today. There is much to be grateful for.

^ That paragraph there, while 100% valid and true, was placed at the top of this page so that you, dear reader, didn’t perceive this to be a feminist rant.

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When I started to write this, I was pretty much hiding out around the corner from my hostel because I didn’t feel safe waiting for the airport bus out the front. Why? Because I’d just had a guy all up in my personal space, forcibly attempting to kiss me, slapping my ass and generally making unwanted sexual advances and inappropriate comments. Apparently ‘no’ didn’t feature in his vocabulary.

But, it’s all good ‘cos he doesn’t come onto every girl. No, I’m special. I should feel lucky that he’s pressing his face up to mine.

“It’s your eyes”, he says. “And you’ve got a great ass”.

Now, I wish that we had a society where I could simply say


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