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The value of writing, no matter who reads it.

This is a blog post I constantly change my mind about. It’s been written and re-written multiple times, deleted, then written again.

Continue reading “The value of writing, no matter who reads it.”

Ep 3 – Body image

All the Questions podcast – Episode Three

What do we think about our bodies? Why do so many women view their bodies negatively? How often do we think about our bodies? What types of things do we think? Do we obsess over bodies too much? Who or what influences our thoughts on body image? Family? Media?

Is body positivity a good thing? Should loving our bodies be the aim? What would we say to our twelve-year-old selves? What are we saying to ourselves now? Do we pay more attention to compliments about our body or our personality?

Alana sat down with Tiff and Paige to watch the Embrace documentary and chat body image and being a woman.



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The comfort of being unhappy

Life has ups and downs. We’ve seen enough Pinterest-worthy metaphors to know we need the downs to give the ups significance. Continue reading “The comfort of being unhappy”

I’m prioritising ME: Why it’s okay to be selfish sometimes

2016 is a very selfish year for me. I’m unashamedly putting myself first. Focusing on my development, my growth and my happiness. Allocating my money to professional leadership training and exercise physio sessions. Dedicating my time to work, my learning and my time slouching on the couch. Continue reading “I’m prioritising ME: Why it’s okay to be selfish sometimes”

RECIPE: Soba noodle salad

My Easter long weekend featured three great food moments.

1. I ate a whole roll of raw cookie dough (that one that oddly comes packaged kinda looking like a dog food roll) and it was delicious. Continue reading “RECIPE: Soba noodle salad”

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