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Podcast Ep 1 – Why all the questions?

All The Questions podcast – Episode One!

What do they do? Why are they important? And why am I so obsessed with them? In the first ever episode of All the Questions (YAY) explore the deeper meaning behind the podcast and why we all need more curiosity, confusion and questions in our lives.

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17 goals for 2017

For those of you playing along at home, here’s what I’ll be doing this year – 17 goals for 2017. It’s going to be an incredible year. Continue reading “17 goals for 2017”

How to capture 2016 on your resume

Before we get too much further into 2017, there’s two things you need to do to boost your career this year. Capture the past year’s highlights on your resume AND set up good systems for the year ahead. Continue reading “How to capture 2016 on your resume”

What it’s like to be in the Q&A audience

On Monday night three exciting things happened. I discovered what it’s like to be in the Q&A audience, I caught up with a friend I hadn’t seen in six years AND I appeared on live, national television with the biggest resting bitch face ever.

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Emotional intelligence + people skills = awesome events

What do you get when you mix 75 young people, 15 volunteers, 3 staff, 12 Youth Bills and 6 nights away?

Madness. And an incredible Youth Parliament program. Continue reading “Emotional intelligence + people skills = awesome events”

Democracy is not a spectator sport – get in the game

I’ve always been interested in politics. I was that kid at school that kept banging on about the importance of voting (and why drawing a donkey on your vote is not a good idea). I guess it’s no surprise I manage a Youth Parliament program for a living. Continue reading “Democracy is not a spectator sport – get in the game”

Remember to listen

Today’s lesson: Magic happens when you ask questions and listen. A few moments today were great reminders of this.

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I’m prioritising ME: Why it’s okay to be selfish sometimes

2016 is a very selfish year for me. I’m unashamedly putting myself first. Focusing on my development, my growth and my happiness. Allocating my money to professional leadership training and exercise physio sessions. Dedicating my time to work, my learning and my time slouching on the couch. Continue reading “I’m prioritising ME: Why it’s okay to be selfish sometimes”

Talking trash: GLF sessions on climate, energy and water

This blog is part of a series on my participation in the Governor’s Leadership Foundation program. If you haven’t heard of it, my first post is here.

We need adaptive leadership, not technical solutions to overcome our “wicked” problems. That’s a key message of the Governor’s Leadership Foundation program. Nowhere is this more relevant than when talking about climate change. An issue that requires technical solutions, yes, but absolutely needs adaptive leadership in order to put those solutions into action.

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