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How to break up

An inevitable part of dating is the breakup. Unless you’re super lucky, things are eventually going to go tits up and you’ll stop seeing each other. Continue reading “How to break up”


Queen of the first date

I’m getting very good at first dates. I’m getting very good because I go on a lot of them.

I’m choosing to ignore the possibility that I may in fact be terrible at first dates and that’s why I find myself on so manyΒ of them. Continue reading “Queen of the first date”

Want to fall in love? Try these 36 questions

Can 36 questions lead to love? The internet thinks so – it’s filled with stories of strangers falling in love after answering three sets of questions. A cute, quirky (also terrifying) idea.

Continue reading “Want to fall in love? Try these 36 questions”


How to navigate the non-relationship

Ah, friends with benefits. That old chestnut. They do make for great Rom Com movie plots.

Friends with benefits on the big screen is either a complete (and hilarious) disaster OR a drawn out love story, where the ‘just friends, no commitment’ thing is part of the journey (before they realise how much they meant to each other, fall madly in love, pop out babies, get a dog blah blah blah). You know the story.

In real life, not so much. The ‘just friends, no commitment’ thing is generally where the story ends.

Continue reading “How to navigate the non-relationship”


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