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The value of writing, no matter who reads it.

This is a blog post I constantly change my mind about. It’s been written and re-written multiple times, deleted, then written again.

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How to navigate the non-relationship

Ah, friends with benefits. That old chestnut. They do make for great Rom Com movie plots.

Friends with benefits on the big screen is either a complete (and hilarious) disaster OR a drawn out love story, where the ‘just friends, no commitment’ thing is part of the journey (before they realise how much they meant to each other, fall madly in love, pop out babies, get a dog blah blah blah). You know the story.

In real life, not so much. The ‘just friends, no commitment’ thing is generally where the story ends.

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Invasion Day makes me uncomfortable.

I’m a proud Aussie 364 days of the year (or 365 this leap year). I love Australia. I loved growing up here. I’m proud to call it home. I would say I’m patriotic.

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I get called naive a lot. As a young person, society tells me this often. As an idealistic anti-poverty campaigner I’ve heard this on many occasions. As someone working to create change, it’s thrown in your face all the time. Continue reading “Naivety”


Best of 2015: Ideas, discussions & octopus videos

My 2015 was full of really interesting ideas & thought-provoking talks. Here’s some of my favourite presentations, videos and discussions from the year (+ me freaking out about an octopus armageddon).

Feminism & gender equality

48 subtly sexist things women hear in a lifetime
I really like this video because it shows the invisible side of discrimination, the injustice that often go unnoticed because it’s not “real sexism” (aka something in your face like someone yelling abuse at a woman).

This kick-ass Facebook post
Love this one too for similar reasons. It captures all the contradictions and messed up things that are said without a second thought, because it’s all a ‘normal’ part of society.

If Hermione were the main character in Harry Potter
Hermione: The girl who gave literally zero fucks. A clever re-imagining of Harry Potter (with a fair bit of creative licence).

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Breathe. In. Out. Repeat.

^ the words I write at the top of all my to-do lists. Alive and breathing? Tick. Life can be stressful, busy, messy and sometimes you just need a reminder that you’re doing okay. Be kind to yourself.



When I started to write this, I was pretty much hiding out around the corner from my hostel because I didn’t feel safe waiting for the airport bus out the front. Why? Because I’d just had a guy all up in my personal space, forcibly attempting to kiss me, slapping my ass and generally making unwanted sexual advances and inappropriate comments. Apparently ‘no’ didn’t feature in his vocabulary.

But, it’s all good ‘cos he doesn’t come onto every girl. No, I’m special. I should feel lucky that he’s pressing his face up to mine.

“It’s your eyes”, he says. “And you’ve got a great ass”.

Now, I wish that we had a society where I could simply say


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Why I love core values workshops

Passion. Integrity. Equality. Gratitude. Learning. My five core values as chosen at a staff training day today.

I get overly excited about core values workshops. As far as self-awareness sessions go, it’s pretty stock-standard. Choose a few nice sounding words from the list then share with the group.

It’s simple, but I love it. And because it is so simple it’s usually run with new teams and younger groups, which is where the magic lies.

There’s immense power in putting words to the inner fire and feelings that drive you. Being able to communicate to others (and yourself) the qualities you most admire is an important skill, especially for anyone wanting to be more independent and in control of their life and actions.

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Playing tourist

There’s not much better than being lost in a new city. I love the idea of choosing the road you wander down on a whim, taking the scenic route and ending up somewhere only the locals know to go.

Playing tourist in your own city makes getting lost a little tricky (especially living in the very sensibly designed Adelaide), but there are always nooks and crannies yet to be explored. Here are my favourite moments from the last few months ‘playing tourist’.

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